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    By Nichole Abeyta-Gassner & Matt Gassner ~ 15 Sept 2013

    Kelly was amazing to work with! We knew she was THE one when we met her. She was professional but above all, her warmth and joyful officiating of our ceremony made our day perfect. She recited a specific ceremony I customized from the many options she provided us without any breaks or hesitations. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding other vendors and is truly the BEST at what she does. 

    Sydney & Stacy Sept 6, 2013

    It may have not been big, fancy or expensive, but it was absolutely perfect for us. We thank you so very much for all you did in making this day so special for us!!!!

     Melanie Hegyan & Jackie Bassham   Aug 18, 2013

    Jackie & I just wanted to say thank you for being a special part of our wedding day. You were just the right person to be our officiant with your calm demeanor and steady voice. We especially appreciated the flexibility of combining different ceremonies to create our own particular one. Thank you and best of luck to you in the future! 

    Ben, Christina and Abbygail Siegling~ Married May 18, 2013

    Thank you Kelly for doing such a wonderful wedding ceremony. My husband and I are very grateful that we were able to share our special day with you. I like that she send you different wedding ceremony options to choose from so that it will be special to you. She is also very reasonably priced. I would recommend her to anyone that is getting married.    Kelly is awesome!!!

    Feb 23, 2013 by Kelli & Lucias

    Thank you Kelly and Roy for sharing our special day with us. It was so beautiful and we received nothing but excellent comments on your ceremony. Janelle’s grandmother said that your ceremony came in so clear through skype email and her aunts loved all of your cues for the music. Thank you so much on the photos as well. I know from the shots that you showed us that we are excited for what’s to come. Thank you! Thank you!

    Feb 16, 2013

    Kelly was incredibly professional, easy to talk with, listened to our unique ideas to incorporate our culture into the ceremony, and was highly recommended by every single person we talked to. You can’t go wrong with Kelly. She made our day truly special. 

    Jan 6, 2013

    I am actually a local florist in albuquerque; not a client. I am so grateful to have met Kelly with Amor Ceremonies! She has worked with several of my brides this past year and does an exceptional job. My brides have all told me that she is wonderful to work with and extremely affordable. Kelly is very professional and easy going. I would definately suggest her services if you are need of a caring and respectful officiant!!

    By CJ and Cheri ~ Commitment Ceremony ~12 January 2013

    Cheri and I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony. It was a day made special that we will remember forever. Thank you also for recommending Enchanted Flowers. May you always be blessed in your services.

    SUCH A CALMING VOICE !! by Marcela Ruiz-Arregui ~ (Aug 04 2012)

    Kelly’s voice was such a relief at the day of my wedding, because it was so soft but clear when she was speking, that it make me feel more confident about taking my time when I said my vows to Steve.

    A Wonderful Wedding by Katie & John ~ Aug. 3, 2012

    Kelly Atkin of Amor Ceremonies made our wedding ceremony special~ She was open to my own additions to some of her ceremony words~ And added a very positive ‘vibe’ to the whole event~I have been in the wedding business myself for over 20 years, & I can verify that she is ‘a cut above’ & would help to make any wedding special

    Summer Wedding by.  Jun 17 2012

    Kelly Atkin with Amor Ceremonies did a wonderful job on my wedding. So easy to get a long with, and she’ll help you with all of your big day preparations. She is fun and very professional. Thank you Kelly for a great wedding!

    Beautiful Ceremony Jun 16, 2012

    I could not have picked a more perfect person to officiate our wedding. Kelly made my decision in picking her to officiate our wedding easy from the beginning. I found her by googling Officiants in Albuquerque. There I found Amor Ceremonies among some other officiants. I made a few calls and knew once I spoke to Kelly that she was the one!! She did an amazing job organizing the wedding party during the rehearsal, and delivered a FANTASTIC ceremony. Kelly thank you for standing before me and the love of my life on our wedding day!!! I highly recommend Kelly with Amor Ceremonies! 🙂

    Reunited after all these years..by Paul & Allie  Jun 9, 2012

    Kelly was highly recommended to us by one of the local Judges’ secretaries. I spoke to her on the phone and found her to be very pleasant. She allowed us to piece together our vows from programs she had to say the perfect words we wanted. The ceremony in her back yard was wonderful – it was the quiet, private moment we were looking for. Kelly married me to a long time friend who I knew in High School there in Albuquerque. It brought back so many memories and created a new one for us. Thank you Kelly and Roy for all your help. You two are truly wonderful people. We highly recommend using their services.

    A True Blessing ! by btfordalan May 20, 2012

    I stumbled across Kelly on the Google. And thought oh well lets give her a try, what a blessing.. Kelly went above and beyound in the planing. And performed a beautiful ceremony, very professional, Thank you Kelly….

    Kelly is awesome!! May 25, 2012

    Kelly performed such a beautiful ceremony for us and accommodated some of our unusual requests! She truly made it a special day for us and we would recommend her to everyone!

    She’s popular for a reason! by DesertDryad April 28, 2012

    I looked around quite a bit for an officiant, and was appalled by the fees some charge. Kelly Atkin was not only affordable, she was cheerful, open to our very offbeat ceremony, and a delight to work with all the way around. She did such a good job of keeping us on track during the wedding that none of the guests noticed the couple of snafus that might otherwise have spoiled the flow of the ceremony. You can’t go wrong here!

     Getting hitched the right way in Albuquerque by ufoteacher April 4 2012

    Getting married? Feeling harried and stressed out? Ready to jump off a bridge? Stop. Take a deep breath. Read this article. Help is on the way. On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, Diane Maromaty married Mr. Richard William Smith and officially became Mrs. Diane Smith as of 4:00 PM that day. As weddings go, the newly weds will be happy to tell you that this one was quite unique on all levels. Held at the Casas de Suenos Old Town Historic Inn known on Rio Grande Boulevard in Albuquerque, the ceremony itself was directed and officiated by Kelly Atkin of Amor Ceremonies and professionally photographed by Roy Ricci of Ricci Photography. Witnesses were in attendance from Casas de Suenos and the weather itself could not have been more perfect that day even if Norman Rockwell himself had illustrated it. To read more, click here: http://www.examiner.com/review/getting-hitched-the-right-way-albuquerque

    5 Stars by wtfdinosaur Feb. 25, 2009

    My husband and I were looking for a quick and inexpensive wedding. We found Kelly on the net and called. She offered services at a time and cost that were great. Also we could choose what kind of ceremony we wanted and were we wanted to hold it. Lots of love from Alex and Anita.

    Professional May 2, 2012

    I have known Kelly for several years….She is very professional, goes above and beyond to make your day very special and a day to remember, she works with you on all aspects of your wedding and if she can not provide the service and/or services you are looking for she has such a large net work of others that can help you with everything. She is just Amazing!

    Joshua and Melanie Bennett  March 31, 2012)

    I found Kelly online through a wedding website I was using. The reviews looked good… and couldnt have been more right! She was professional, flexible, knowledgeable, and VERY reasonably priced considering all that she did for us. When we had to move our ceremony from outdoors to inside, she was on it immediately and made sure it was a very smooth transition. She checked with me from the moment I arrived at the venue until the ceremony started to make sure everything was on schedule and that everything I needed was taken care of. She was the best I could have asked for, and we were all very pleased. I recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant for an event.

    Great experiences!!! by Durling Love Jan 19, 2012

    We had been in contact with Kelly for some time before we had our ducks in a row and were ready to pick a date for our wedding. The most patient kind people to work with. We felt our options for the cerimony were endless and they were willing to travel to vairious locations for very reasonable costs. All in all, if we had to do it over again we would go the same direction and wouldn’t change a thing. The greatest expirience with the greatest people made our wedding even better. Thanks for reading. We recomend Amor Ceremonies famously. We love you guys.


    Bryan & Emily Cook August 14th, 2011

    One word: Amazing! Kelly has a very loving voice and really gets the guests into the whole ceremony. Beautiful explinations of each part of the ceremony. Very reasonable pricing. She made everything go great and we are very pleased that she came all the way to Sandia Park to perform our ceremony (especially without charging an arm and leg extra for “driving time”). Kelly is super sweet, and you will know it as soon as you meet her, aswell as being very helpful with any problems that arise. During our outdoor ceremony, the wind picked up at first and she quickly acted, asking a young lady in our party along with the best man and maid of honor to put one hand on the arch to steady it. No one even noticed! We didn’t even see it until we watched our wedding video…even then its not noticable. Very smooth cover up of mother nature acting up for us! You rock Kelly! We loved the sand ceremony and the way she put it all together for the guests. Beautiful. We couldnt be happier and will be recomending Kelly Atkin to EVERYONE we know! Kelly, thank you so much for a perfectly amazing ceremony.

    Andersons  by Lisa  9-10-11

    We were thrilled to be able to reserve Kelly for our wedding ceremony on 9-10-11. I was so impressed by not only her responsiveness and professionalism, but her kindness and sincerity as well. Her organization and attention to detail and calm demeanor helped ease our nervousness and allowed me to really enjoy my wedding day and not have to worry about anything. I would highly recommend Kelly Atkin and felt very honored to have her officiate our wedding.

    The Ramirez Wedding by PatriciaG  Sept 10, 2011

    Kelly was the Officiant at our wedding just a week ago. She did an amazing job! She helped get us started with ideas for our vows, she was flexible, and very professional. Her price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend her. Patricia

    Excellent Ceremony byCD Aug 20, 2011

    Kelly officiated at our wedding. She did a wonderful job! The ceremony was beautiful and exactly the way we wanted it.

    The Galindo’s by lxhutc1 Aug 16, 2011

    Kelly performed our wedding. It was perfect. We wanted a very small wedding. She was so accomidating. I will refer anyone I know that wants to get married. Thanks Kelly so much, Lynn and Hector

    Our Wonderful Officiant! by Newlyweds!  Aug 6, 2011

    We had Kelly Atkin for our Officiant on our Aug. 6,2011 wedding at Barcelona Suites in Albuquerque! She was perfect for us and our surroundings! It was the perfect short and sweet wedding! All our guests complimented on such a beautiful ceremony! It wouldn’t have been possible without her! No question! Thanks again Kelly! 🙂



    From A Guest

    (Jul 31 2011)


    by Ms. V.

    I was a guest at a wedding which Kelly officiated. The ceremony was in downtown Albuquerque at the Civic Plaza. The wedding was a bit late in getting started as the happy and excited couple were waiting for a few other guests but Kelly talked to them until everyone arrived. The ceremony was unique, small and very intimate. Thanks Kelly, for a memorable occasion.

    (Married on 30 Jul 2011 )

    From A Guest

    (Jul 31 2011)

    by Ms. V.

    I was a guest at a wedding which Kelly officiated. The ceremony was in downtown Albuquerque at the Civic Plaza. The wedding was a bit late in getting started as the happy and excited couple were waiting for a few other guests but Kelly talked to them until everyone arrived. The ceremony was unique, small and very intimate. Thanks Kelly, for a memorable occasion.

    (Married on 30 Jul 2011)

    Wonderful Experience

    (Jul 31 2011)

    by peabodizzle

    Kelly Atkin with Amor Ceremonies helped make our wedding the most special day of our lives. We were married July 2nd, 2011 at Prairie Star in Bernalillo. Kelly was familiar with the site and did a wonderful job coordinating the rehearsal and knowing exactly what would work for our VERY large wedding party. Her professionalism helped create a smooth running ceremony and I was always confident that she would do everything in her power to make sure we had nothing to worry about on our wedding day. I highly recommend her!

    (Married on 02 Jul 2011)


    (Jul 27 2011)

    by rose

    Kelly Atkin was absoulutly a wonderful officient for our wedding ! we got married Saturday the 23 of July, outside by a water fountain and it was beautiful ! Kelly has an amazing voice whice was heard load and clear for all to hear, a very inviting voice for all types of weddings. 🙂 I would recommend Kelly Atkin to anyone !!! She was very good in all aspects. Thank you Kelly 🙂

    (Married on 23 Jul 2011)

    A Perfect Moment

    (Jul 25 2011)

    by MJ

    I am happy to have met Kelly Atkins, I believe that she was sent to me from the energy that I called out. I just wanted to capture a beautiful moment for a beautiful occassion and Kelly was the one to make that happen for me and my family. Not only is she very professional, she is genuine. That’s what I wanted most for my Big day. She also made it possible in such quick notice for us to have a professional photographer who’s skills exceeds the expectations of many who appreciate true art! I reccomend Both Kelly and Roy to anyone who want their special day to be just that!!

    (Married on 22 Jul 2011)

    Totally Awsome!!

    (Jul 19 2011)

    by Ruby

    Kelly and Roy made our wedding day super special. They met with us before the wedding and gave us lots of ideas and advice for the ceremony. The day of the wedding it rained but they kept me calm and took lots of great pictures while we waited for the rain to stop! It did stop and we had a great time. Thanks so much! They were so affordable yet professional!

    (Married on 03 Jul 2011)


    (Jul 15 2011)



    (Married on 25 Jun 2011)

    Plan B…. wedding 07/15/11

    (Jul 15 2011)

    by fathom33

    So, our wedding was planned with one location in mind at the bio Park. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available and did work out- hence, plan B….. Kelly was very professional and personal and made our special day perfect! We wandered off and found our own little private area to do our intimate and small ceremony. She is very friendly, flexible, and felt like we have known her for years. I would completely recommend her to anyone and we look forward to having her at are big “to do” wedding ceremony next year. Book her while you can! Thanks again, Kelly! Jenna and Michael

    (Married on 15 Jul 2011)

    The BEST choice a couple could make!!!

    (Jun 27 2011)

    by krome

    Kelly was awesome!! My husband and I planned our wedding long distance over the internet and Kelly adapted to the situation very quickly. She answered our questions and gave us a lot of choices. When we met for the ceremony she was prompt, professional, and made our ceremony beautiful!!!

    (Married on 11 Jun 2011)

    The Alexander Wedding

    (Jun 22 2011)

    by sasa21pa

    Amor Ceremonies, absolutely the best!! Kelly was personable, reliable, professional, and you can’t help but love her! She offered many amazing ceremonies, its hard to pick one, but my husband and I found the perfect one and our ceremony turned out beautifully. She was patient with me and forgiving when it took me forever to call her back. She even calmed me down the night before the wedding when I called and had to change the location. The next morning when I met her i just let out a sigh of relief because she is as nice in person as she is on the phone. She has a way of putting you at ease and making everything work out beautifully. I would recommended her to anyone and everyone! Thank you!! Mr. and Mrs. Preston Alexander

    (Married on 28 May 2011)

    Leila and Joe’s Wedding

    (Jun 10 2011)

    by JPOCON

    Kelly, Did a marvelous job! She is competent, charismatic and put all to ease with her natural demeanor! I’d recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome officant! Thank you, Kelly for making our day even more special. Joe and Leila

    (Married on 29 May 2011)

    Perfect Fit for a Perfect Day!!!

    (Jun 07 2011)

    by VGarcia

    Amour Ceremonies did a fantastic job at our wedding!! Kelly made both my husband and I feel comfortable and at ease! I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you Kelly for making our day that much more PERFECT!!!

    (Married on 07 May 2011)


    (May 08 2011)

    by LMKelley

    I attended a wedding in which Kelly officiated and was so impressed I asked her to do ours when we got married. From the moment I contacted her she was so helpful, professional, and positive. She immediately sent me the ceremony choices and helped ensure we loved what we chose. During the actual ceremony she helped create one of the most amazing moments of our lives. She is fantastic!!

    (Married on 01 May 2011)

    Wedding 4/29/11

    (May 05 2011)

    by LC

    Kelly is wonderful! Time was running out and my wedding date was coming up fast. When I called Kelly she was very helpful and available on a short notice. She also suggested a photographer (Roy) and he was GREAT! Kelly immediatley sent me a variety of options of ceremonies and all of them were very nice. When I narrowed them down and emailed her my option she gave me a few suggestions on what I could add. At the end my ceremony was very memorable and i absolutley loved it. When I met Kelly the day of my wedding she was just as sweet in person as she was over the phone. I would recommend her to everyone!

    (Married on 29 Apr 2011)


    Joyful Day

    (Jan 30 2011)

    by jerileone

    Kelly did such a elegant renewal ceremony for my husband and I. She is very proficient and professional. When we chose one of her lovely ceremonies, she was able to incorporate a beautiful poem my husband had written. Kelly’s joyful atitude throughtout our time together, made our day truly special.

    (Married on )


    The Best

    (Jan 29 2011)

    by cdr

    Can not say enough about Kelly Atkin – She went above and beyond to make my wedding personal and special……Thank you

    (Married on )


    Amor Ceremonies is wonderful!

    (Jan 25 2011)

    by eatapia

    Kelly and Roy were awesome. My husband and I wanted to get married as soon and as affordable as possible. I found amor ceremonies through the internet and it was our last resort for a short notice wedding. I called Wednesday and had an appointment set up for that Saturday. Kelly offered many options for ceremony types and that was fantastic. We were able to pick where we wanted to go, and she recomended a great place because me and my husband were a bit undecisive. The ceremony was great. Roy made the picture process fun and took a bunch. The price was perfect for couples on a buget. I give them a two thumbs up!!

    (Married on )


    A Memorable Wedding

    (Jan 25 2011)

    by momaka1@aol.com

    I was a guest at a wedding which was officiated by Kelly Atkin. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and Kelly’s words are memorable,I am sure, to the happy couple. There was so much warmth and love reaching out to the bride and groom when Kelly spoke to them and they recited their vows that my eyes filled with tears. I am a widow but if I ever do marry again,Kelly would definitely be my choice as an officiant.

    (Married on )

    Wedding 10-9-10

    (Dec 02 2010)

    by bdwim1

    Kelly Atkin who served as our officiant was great to work with! She was very knowledgeable regarding the process of creating portions of our ceremony and shared resources to help us through the process! She attended our rehersal dinner and was able to manage 15 people and run through the ceremony with ease! On our wedding day she helped to organize the group the ceremony turned out amazing. She was genuinely a part of our family that day!

    (Married on )

    Wedding 10.8.10

    (Oct 25 2010)

    by Toni

    Kelly and Roy were incredible! I wanted to get married on 10.10.10 at the Balloon Fiesta but that sort of fell through for me due to other circumstances, so at the last minute I needed to find someone to marry me. I hadn’t expected such a perfect wedding. Kelly was ready at the spur of the moment (literally the next day), gave me tons of vow options, many location options, advised me to look into licensing in NM (I’m from Texas) and was so very kind, fun and professional. It was favorate wedding (and I’ve had three now). Roy took incredible pictures and sent them to me immediately. He really captured our personalities and it was like being married in the Garden of Eden. What a great/memorable experience that would not have come about but for Kelly and Roy. Thanks so much!!

    (Married on )



    (Oct 04 2010)

    by DrBop

    Kelly is a very professional and kind officiant. She worked with us to form the perfect wedding ceremony. She did an amazing job. Additionally, her recommendation for photographer was awesome. He did a great job for us!

    (Married on )